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Culinary and Hospitality Excellence


With over ten years owning restaurants, from pizza places to high-end dining, we’ve learned how to do things the right way. From our first Mountain Mike’s Pizza to our entry into upscale dining, each of our eleven restaurants has helped us learn how to better serve our investors, customers, landlords and community. Whether we're rehabbing beat up restaurants or joining new franchises, as we continue to grow, we’ll bring better hospitality to the North Bay.



From market assessment and location scouting to financial planning and menu design, our seasoned team brings vibrant concepts to life across Northern California. We skillfully navigate complicated regulatory and real estate markets, ensuring success with proven pre-launch and construction management. Our team of talented designers, chefs, and service trainers create incredible guest experiences. Together, we can transform any concept from idea to profitability.


Using decades of experience, our corporate and training teams deliver operational excellence across all of our properties. We elevate guest experiences through comprehensive training programs, expand culinary boundaries with chef-lead food and beverage programs, and enhance profitability through innovative sourcing systems and waste mitigation efforts. At each location,  the team is set up for success and supported every step of the way.


Our vibrant mix of unique concepts, franchise operations, and real estate brings strength and balance to our ever-growing portfolio. Unifying back-office operations - from finance to sourcing to human resources and marketing - offers new efficiencies and gives each property a distinctive advantage in the marketplace. We can aggregate and expand resources, drive neighborhood redevelopment, and produce returns across the portfolio.


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